I started #ficwip in January 2018. One of those driving-to-work ideas. I figured we'd play it a few times and move on. I never imagined we'd be going strong three years later and have a Discord community!

From the start, #ficwip has welcomed writers from all fandoms. The original #ficwip (a Twitter event where writers shared an excerpt from any fic they were working on) ran on Wednesdays, then moved to Saturdays, then Saturdays and Sundays, then just Sundays, and finally went on hiatus in the summer of 2020.

After having so much fun with it on the server, I started posting the weekly word game on Twitter during the pandemic. Previously, it had been something we played in writing channels to procrastinate.

In 2020, we held our first event: the 5k, evolved from an event I ran with a friend a few years ago. In 2021 we introduced The Fic That Haunts You and Rise of the Dead Fandoms, and will continue to bring you new challenges in 2022.




Wednesday afternoons

Keep an eye on the @ficwip Twitter for the word of the week. Find it in your draft and share the sentence containing it without adding extra context.

If you use the #ficwip or #wordgamewednesday tags, please keep the excerpts G to Mature. And if any ships are apparent, give people a head's up.

Original fiction is also welcome.

Not on Twitter? Play in the #writing channel on the #ficwip discord.

The Fic that Haunts You

Across 2021

Complete a fic that has haunted you for a while but that you’ve never finished writing.

Exclusive for members of our discord.


Rise of the Dead Fandoms

Fall 2021

Bringing fandoms back from the dead this November! Create any type of fanwork for one of the approved fandoms.



Our discord is an official hub for the SPNovember Prompt Fest!

The yet-to-be-named Rare Pairs & Crack Ships Event

Winter 2022

Details coming soon



February 2022

Clear your to-do list this February and celebrate every win (from fics to finally folding that basket of laundry) using the hashtag #finishupfeb.

Or participate on the #ficwip discord.

No sign-up needed.

Past Events


#ficwip 5k 2020

Summer 2020

Write any AU in 5k or under. Open to all fandoms and ships.

#ficwip 5k 2021

Summer 2021

Write any AU in 5k or under. Open to all fandoms and ships.


The #ficwip discord is a welcoming space with a focus on making things. It's open to writers and artists in all fandoms.

If you're looking to reduce your time on social media or want a fandom-friendly space without the echo-chamber effect of single-fandom servers, we are a small community of writers, artists, and crafters.

What you'll find:
Multiple roles to customize your experienceSprinting and world-building botsWeekly word gameBi-monthly drabble promptsPrivate gift exchangesYear-round, low-stress challengesMake-stuff channels to talk about writing, art, crafts, find a beta, get help with research, or workshop a paragraphReal-life channels to talk about work, what you're cooking, what you're listening to, and show off your pets & plantsFandom channels to talk about shows, ships, and booksWriters & artists from various fandoms who interact respectfully and cheer each other on

What you won't find:
Participation requirementsRec lists or fanwork critiqueHate or harassmentThe feeling of shouting into the void

We welcome all ships. It's possible to run across references to stuff you don't like, but we find it's pretty easy to jump into another channel if we're not into something. You don't need to be a multishipper to join, but you do need some level of comfort seeing references to stuff you're not into.

The #ficwip discord is 18+

After joining the server, you'll be taken to our waiting room. Agree to the rules and introduce yourself to be granted membership! If the mods are asleep, this might take a few hours.