Weekly on Wednesday afternoons

Keep an eye on the @ficwip Twitter for the word of the week. Find it in your draft and share the sentence containing it without adding extra context.

If you use the #ficwip or #wordgamewednesday tags, please keep the excerpts G to Mature. And if any ships are apparent, give people a head's up.

Original fiction is also welcome.

Not on Twitter? Play in the #writing channel on the #ficwip discord.

The original #ficwip is on hiatus.

How #ficwip works

For the comfort of all participants, only tweets that follow the rules will be RTd to the @ficwip account.

  • All fandoms and ships are welcome

  • Excerpts must be from a work-in-progress fic

  • You can share an excerpt from a currently posting WIP (it’s fine to include the AO3 link, too!), or it can be something you’re working on that hasn’t been read by anyone yet*

  • Excerpts can be plain text or an image/screencap

  • Include the fandom and any ships mentioned in the excerpt in the body of your tweet so people can blacklist/skip as needed (these must be written in the tweet itself, not only in the screencap, for muting to work)

  • Tag your posts #ficwip

*Be careful if you’re sharing something you’re writing for a challenge to make sure sharing doesn’t violate the rules and disqualify you.


Can I share multiple WIPs?

Absolutely! Share as many as you like. Please tweet excerpts separately so each carries its own fandom/ship disclosure, even if they’re are from the same fandom.

Can I include an AO3 link?

Definitely. As long as the fic is will a WIP, it’s welcome in #ficwip and it’s 100% okay to link people so they can read it.

I finished something I wrote for #ficwip. Can you promo it?

If you’ve finished something you wrote for any #ficwip, add it to the AO3 collection. Search for “ficwip.” If you can’t figure out how, tweet @museawayfic on Twitter and I’ll add the work manually.

Will you retweet things tagged #ficwip between scheduled events?

I don’t monitor the tag outside of announced weekends, so only tweets made within the #ficwip timeframe will be retweeted.

Why are lot of the snippets from certain fandoms? Can I share something for a fandom I don’t see?

We have heavy participation from certain fandoms (like SPN) because I originally started #ficwip with friends and that's what we wrote.

All fandoms are welcome.

Are there restrictions on the "all ships welcome" rule?

Nope. This is a place for writers to share work alongside other writers, not a place to debate the morality of ships. Everyone is expected to check fandom politics at the door for the weekend and be respectful of other participants. This is not a place for hate or discourse. (We’ve never had an incident.)

Do I have to share fanfiction? What about original work?

There are a slew of Twitter chats designed around original fiction, which is why I made #ficwip so fic authors could have their own. If you’re writing original fiction, one chat to check out is the weekly #storysocial run by @storysocialchat.

Events schedule


February 2021

Clear your to-do list this February and celebrate every win (from fics to finally folding that basket of laundry) using the hashtag #finishupfeb on Twitter or Instagram. Or participate on the #ficwip discord.

No sign-up needed.

The Fic that Haunts You

The Fic that Haunts You

January - May 2021

Complete a fic that has haunted you for a while but that you’ve never finished writing. Maybe it’s not your usual ship or covers content you normally wouldn’t touch. Maybe it’s for a new fandom you’re afraid to enter. If an idea has been circling your brain and you can’t shake it, join us.

An all-fandoms event for members of our discord server.

#ficwip 5k

2021 dates TBA

Write any AU in 5k or under. Open to all fandoms and ships.

The first 5k ran in the summer of 2020.

a challenge for dead/dormant fandoms

Fall 2021

Planning in the works. Details later.

#ficwip discord

Our discord is a welcoming space with a focus on making things. It's open to writers and artists in all fandoms.

We have sprinting and world-building bots, weekly word games, bi-monthly drabble prompts, gift exchanges, a 5k challenge, a finish-those-WIPs challenge in February, and are planning a few events for 2021.

We also welcome all ships. It's possible you could run across one you dislike, but we do our best to cheer everyone on.

Also we have cute pets (and plants).

For everyone's comfort, our discord is 18+.

free stuff + discounts

Free and low-cost resources
Resources for writers, artists, and challenge mods.

Scrivener discount
The team at Scrivener gave us our own 20% discount off of their standard license for PC and Mac. Enter code FICWIP at checkout.

about us

I started #ficwip in January 2018. One of those driving-to-work ideas. I figured we'd play it a few times and move on. I never imagined we'd be going strong three years later and have a Discord community!

From the start, #ficwip has welcomed writers from all fandoms. The original #ficwip (a Twitter event where writers shared an excerpt from any fic they were working on) ran on Wednesdays, then moved to Saturdays, then Saturdays and Sundays, then just Sundays, and finally went on hiatus in the summer of 2020.

After having so much fun with it on the server, I started posting the weekly word game on Twitter during the pandemic. Previously, it had been something we played in writing channels to procrastinate.

In 2020, we had our first event: the 5k, evolved from the Dean/Cas Tropefest's Mid-Winter 5k that I ran with jojo a few years back. This year, we introduced The Fic That Haunts You and will host other challenges as the year continues.

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